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Download Need For Speed Prostreet For PC | Full Setup | Free

Need for Speed: ProStreet may be a racing computer game released in 2007 because the eleventh installment of the necessity for Speed series and therefore the sequel to wish for Speed: Carbon. ProStreet took a radical departure from the previous Need for Speed games, as rather than the illegal open-world street racing formula found within the previous games, ProStreet focuses on legal closed-track racing, with the developers saying "street racers are moving off the road and onto the track" it had been followed by Need for Speed: Undercover in 2008, which returned to the formula defined by the previous games, but received lukewarm reception, thanks to its bad gameplay. Need for Speed: ProStreet is usually classified as a "Simcade", a mixture of realistic and arcade gameplay.

Need for Speed: ProStreet has taken the series during a different direction of gameplay. All racing in ProStreet takes place solely on closed tracks, making ProStreet the primary game within the series since Need for Speed II that doesn't animate illegal racing. The performance tuning feature is enhanced, compared to previous versions, especially Autosculpt. Unlike Carbon, where only certain body kits are often autosculpted, this will now be applied to all or any body kits, including stock bumpers and wide body kits. Furthermore, some adjustments through autosculpt impact the car's aerodynamics.

Other than game play itself, ProStreet features detailed damage modeling, unlike previous Need for Speed games (except for top Stakes and Porsche Unleashed) where damage is comparatively little or non-existent altogether. The new damage system introduces more depth of injury (except on the PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS and Wii versions, where the damage modeling has been scaled down thanks to the limited processing power, therefore the damage is analogous to the previous titles) where any object within the game world has the potential to inflict cosmetic damage abruption pieces of the car like the hood, bumpers, view mirrors, light damage, or heavy damage which reduces performance of a car, and even has the potential to total a car immediately after impac.

Drag race may be a simple immediately race that has two types, 1/4 and 1/2 mile drag races where the fastest time, out of three runs, wins. there's also a wheelie competition where the longest wheelie on the 1/4 mile track wins.

In Grip races, there are four different modes (Normal Grip, Grip Class (all versions apart from the PlayStation 2 and Wii versions), Sector Shootout and Time Attack). Normal Grip races feature 2 to 4 laps around a circuit track with up to 7 other racers. First driver to cross the finishing line wins. Grip Class races take 8 racers and divide them into two even groups. The racers are placed into the groups supported their vehicles performance potential. A starts about 10 seconds before B , both groups race on an equivalent course but are only competing against the three drivers in their group. In Time Attack, the driving force with the fastest overall single lap time wins the event. In Sector Shootout the track is split into several segments, with drivers attempting to finish these sectors within the shortest possible time. Extra points are awarded to drivers who 'dominate' the course by holding the fastest time for each segment of the track.

The official title was leaked several months before the official announcement. Soft Club, the Russian distributor of the sport , unveiled the name and release date of the sport in February 2007. EA had not until the official announcement on May 31, 2007, given any clue about the game's title

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