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Free Download Need for Speed: Underground 2 PC Game

Need for Speed: Underground 2 it fully was developed and written by Electronic Arts in 2004, for Microsoft Windows, Game Boy Advance, GameCube, PlayStation two, Xbox, PlayStation mobile, Nintendo DS and mobile phones. it fully was collectively commercially successful, breaking sales records at intervals the united kingdom.
wish for Speed: Underground two provides several new choices, like broader customization, new ways that of selecting races, the "explore" mode during a} very large city observed as "Bayview". city Center was supported town, territory was supported metropolis and Coal Harbor was supported metropolis, New Jersey, associate degreed Bayview as a complete is also an example of the nation of u. s. poet Burke is that the voice of mate Teller, the one United Nations agency guides the player throughout the game.

Underground two is exclusive among the games at intervals the wish for Speed series in that it desires players to drive to a particular place at intervals the city therefore on begin a race (other games alter the player to choose a race from a menu). Most races area unit marked on the in-game measuring device, however, some area unit hidden and conjointly the player ought to look for for them, have to be compelled to he/she attempt to play them.

Once any stage is completed, all of the race locations for that stage ar far-off from the map and a replacement set of race locations area unit placed on the map for the following stage. whereas at intervals the garage, there is a "World Map" feature that options a menu of races for all previous stages, with the menu noting that races area unit completed or not completed, and conjointly the player can select any race from any previous stage to run from the menu. once finishing stage two through stage 5 (stage 5 is that the last stage of career mode), there'll ceaselessly be eight sponsor races which will not be completed, since a player ought to select one sponsor per stage and should alone run 3 out of 11 distinctive sponsor races, deed eight sponsor races not completed at the highest of each stage. These can alone be run victimization the world Map. due to a game bug (at least on the pc version), if running a non completed race from the world Map, no credit (cash or rep) area unit awarded unless the player uses restart a minimum of one time throughout the race. The restart is usually done as presently as a result of the race starts therefore on induce credit for the win.

however, there area unit thoughtful additions, beside Party Play." The urban center Morning Herald, however, gave the Rivals version three-and-a-half stars out of five and aforesaid, "While not PSP's best driving game, Rivals is Associate in an exceedingly Nursing amusing street racer that offers quick thrills." On the alternative hand, constant newspaper gave the GameCube, PS2, laptop computer and Xbox versions a score of four stars out of five and aforesaid, "While the driving action isn't quite as satisfying as a result of the excellent Burnout 3, it's still strong enough to remain you enjoying through the 100 fifty around races." the times collectively gave the game four stars out of five and declared, "The courses throughout this game ar at the same time as overabundant the celebrities as a result of the cars. The dazzling downtown locations area unit vast, dominated by skyscrapers whose light-weight bathes the streets throughout a beamy

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