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Download Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 for PC in Parts

Marine Captain Cole Anderson, among the Philippines, with Central administrative body agent Dias making their because of Associate in Nursing previous Russian radar post to destroy it whereas working on a tip that some mercenaries had assembled there to broker a deal for a bio-agent W.M.D.. whereas Dias destroys it, he overhears enemy radio chatter regarding the capture of Dias commands a team to rescue the operative whereas Anderson makes his because of giving to fireplace from a cave commanding the resort, where the soldier is being commanded They save the soldier, however,

whereas observation the deal Anderson sees one all told the dealers to be Merinov, Associate in Nursing previous acquaintance from his past, and afterwards, the entire team is ambushed by Associate within the Nursing enemy sharpshooter and everyone except Anderson is either killed or captured. Anderson heads to a village to intercept the transfer of the bio-weapon still as his captured teammates. He manages to rescue Dias and Gomez whilst they are on the point of being dead, however, the Bio-Weapon is lost. every agent meets up with Anderson, however, Gomez is killed whereas escaping from the subsequent mercenaries. once successfully escaping their pursuers Dias remarks, "it's Bosnia and Herzegovina and Herzegovina all over again".

Anderson has been sent to the brig for disobeying direct orders (rescuing his team-mates instead of securing the Bio-Agent W.M.D. that was the primary objective). He remembers events in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Herzegovina, 1993, where he and his spotter Carl Maddox were tasked to need footage of putting to death by Serbian forces semiconductor device by Marko Vladić. once securing a strategic purpose and taking the images of the putting to death, Maddox loses his cool unable to appear at the atrocities additional and goes against orders to kill Vladić. Anderson reluctantly follows him. Merinov shows them a sunray building commanding Vladić's position. Anderson shoots Vladić which they run to the extraction purpose. There Merinov betrays them to the Serbian forces which they unit of measurement captured. Anderson escapes stopping Merinov from framing U.S.A. forces for the putting to death. Anderson finds out from the command that Maddox is admittedly a traitor operational with Merinov, world organisation agency manipulated him to kill Vladić achievement his forces absolve to participate in gun running. Anderson shoots Maddox inside a moving automobile and keeps the shell casing of the bullet that he shot Maddox with.

Back inside the jail, Dias visits Cole, informing him that he has force in favors to induce him out of the brig and back in action with him as they need him to kill Merinov global organization agency is ready to sell the Bio-Agent to an avid pains leader in geographical area - a fallout of which may turn out a war between Asian nation and Bharat and profit Marinov's gun-running operation. Dias and Anderson head to the state to assassinate Merinov and recover the W.M.D. On the due to the deal web site, they suffer Associate in Nursing accident and lose their instrumentation. once unwell their instrumentation and escaping a collapsing cave means that they finally reach the nest commanding the ambush web site. whereas progressing to shoot Merinov, Anderson sees Maddox, apparently having survived his shot coming out of the eggbeater. Maddox however survives and secures the Bio-Weapon and taunts Anderson to come once him. Dias and Anderson follow Maddox that eventually winds up in Anderson having a sniping duel with Maddox. Dias asks him if he has anyone waiting for him back reception to it Anderson replies 'My rifle is my supporter, it's my life' and drops the shell he unbroken for twenty years.

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